Beating the Bee

O A I P R T Y (O in the middle)
Bee letters for July 13, 2021: O A I P R T Y
Beginner (0), Good start (5), Moving Up (13) Good (21), Nice (66), Great (105), Amazing (132), Genius (184)
Rankings for July 13, 2021
Using my iterator program on the July 13, 2021 Bee
  • It works! The first time I ever tried it, I got to Queen Bee.
  • It’s exhausting! You’re staring at a screen, trying to stay focused and make good decisions on different prefixes, for a long time. It took me two hours, start to finish, to win the game using this program. In fairness, it’s always taken me more than two hours of elapsed time to beat the Bee completely, but that’s generally been broken up by other activities while my subconscious carried on working the puzzle without me.



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Mike Olson

Mike Olson


Berkeley-based techie with an interest in business. Worried about the world.